Frozen In Fear? 3 Foods Your Restaurant Shouldn't Ever Freeze

Posted on: 29 November 2016
Your freezer may be one of your most beloved appliances back home, but when you go out to a restaurant, you generally expect that everything you can be served is made fresh right on the spot. Restaurants freeze a lot of different foods, however, with the vast majority being frozen for a short time to preserve them before they're cooked; this type of freezing fun doesn't hurt the ingredients nor the flavor and can help stretch a restaurant's budget.
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Have A Catering Company Provide Refreshments For Your Football Party

Posted on: 21 October 2016
If you don't live in an area in which you're in close proximity to a professional football team, the next-best thing to do is gather your football-loving friends together for a tailgating-inspired party in your yard. You can enjoy throwing the pigskin around, dining on apropos food selections and then head inside to watch the game on the big screen. Instead of going to the fuss of preparing all the food yourself, think about hiring a catering company instead.
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Auditioning Pizza Chefs For Your Italian Restaurant: What To Look For

Posted on: 31 August 2016
Opening an Italian restaurant is sure to please many hungry customers in your city. However, you need to make sure you have a really good pizza chef. There is an art to making pizza, and it is not just stretching dough and sprinkling toppings on it. You should "audition" all pizza chef candidates before you finally hire a couple, and here is what you should be looking for when the chefs are making you a sample pizza.
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Four Ways Facebook Can Help Your Family Restaurant Drum Up Business

Posted on: 22 July 2016
Oftentimes, the family-restaurant business owner has a good following of senior citizens lining up for the early-bird specials. The after-church crowd on Sunday mornings is also usually good for business. But that leaves a lot of week left in which to generate much-needed revenue. Here are four ways you can use social media to let customers know about your unique daily and weekly specials and get those customers in the door.
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