Choose Unique Pizza Toppings For Your Next Sports-Watching Party

Posted on: 8 June 2023

Pizza is a popular food choice for sports parties, as fans interested in a professional or college league's playoffs or championship game enjoy comfort food that adds a festive element to the evening. Plain pizza has its fans, too. However, pizza with toppings might get a metaphorical roar from the crowd when they see their favorites — pepperoni, mushrooms, extra cheese, and more. Maybe those planning a sports-watching party should think about "pizza topping underdogs" who pull out a win against all odds. In other words, add a pizza with a few unique toppings that liven up the serving tray.

Food Choice Irony for Fans

Hockey remains a highly popular sport in Canada, and many professionals playing on American teams come from the Great North. Anyone throwing a party to watch hockey playoffs may wish to add a pizza with Canadian bacon. Hockey fans may appreciate the irony, and the irony can extend as creatively as the host wishes. Is surfing on television? Why not add toppings popular associated with California and Hawaii, two top surfing locations? Hawaiian pizza allows fans to try the traditional dish with somewhat untraditional pineapple toppings.

Uniqueness Adds to the Fun

Ordering pizza for a sports party gives attendees a safe food choice. Adding a few additional food items the pizzeria sells, such as buffalo wings, expands the food choices and could keep everyone from feeling hunger pangs during a three-hour game. That's the "functional" benefit of serving pizza, but why stop there? People like to watch sports because they are fun and exciting. Shaking up the pizza selections by adding a few extra toppings doesn't hurt. The added food choices could contribute to the festivities. Are the fans watching a football game between two college teams from the southwest? Maybe barbecued chicken as a topping and BBQ sauce replacing tomato sauce would be a good choice.

Proper Pizza Topping Planning

Athletes who overexert themselves during a game could lose their advantage by feeling exhausted. A party host may benefit from knowing when to pull back with the atypical toppings. One or two unique pizzas could share table space with more traditional ones. Remember, the traditional selections became that way because they're the most popular pizzas. Guests will likely expect to see plain and pepperoni. They might only want one slice of the special pizza. Prudence can prove helpful when choosing what pizzas and toppings to offer sports fans.

Reach out to a local restaurant if you want to buy pizza for your next event.