Get Your Restaurant Ready For Winter Weather

Posted on: 3 December 2015

Getting your restaurant ready for winter includes more than just changing up your menu; you also need to make sure that your physical space is ready for the transition to winter as well. Here are a few tips for making that your restaurant is ready for winter weather.

Transition Your Outdoor Space

Many restaurants make the mistake of closing down their outdoor dining space when winter rolls around. However, this is a big mistake. When you shut down your outdoor space in the winter, you lose out on valuable table space where you can seat additional guests. While there may be some days where it is really too cold to be outside, with a few adjustments to your outdoor space, you can turn it into an outside winter oasis.

First, you need to protect your guests from the elements. If you don't have an awning over your outside dining space, now is a great time to install one. Or, install a tent with sides that you can close up over your outdoor seating area. That way, your guests can enjoy being outside while being fully protected from the elements as well.

Next, add some heat to your outdoor eating space. Purchase portable patio heaters, and set one up next to every table, so that guests can stay cozy and warm as they eat outside. You can also install a few natural, gas or electric fireplaces outside to create a little extra warmth and add to the ambiance. 

Finally, change out your chairs. If you use cold metal chairs during the summer, make them a little more comfortable and warm by adding some cushions. You can even keep a basket of blankets for patrons outside as well. 

With a few small changes and investments, you can make your outdoor eating space into an area that you can use and profit from all year.

Be Ready For Power Outages

During the winter months, the chance of a big storm passing through your area increases. Winter storms are notorious for knocking out the power. As a restaurant owner, losing power can be a huge disaster. Not only will your food spoil without proper refrigeration, you also will not be able to serve guests when your power is down.

In order to protect the money that you invest into food every day, and in order to keep your restaurant doors open even when the power is out in your area, you need to purchase a generator. Make sure that the generator is powerful enough to keep your food safe and power your entire restaurant.

You may want to keep a few portable heaters on hand so if the power goes out, you can keep your dining areas warm. Heating systems require a lot of power, and not all generators will be able to support a heating system, keep the lights on and keep the food cold at the same time, which is why it is wise to have an alternative way to warm up your dining area.

Inspect Your Furnace

Finally, the last thing you want to happen on a cold winter day is to have your furnace break down and have a freezing dining area. The best way to prevent furnace failure is to have it inspected every year and keep up with all the recommended maintenance. 

Make an appointment with an HVAC professional to inspect your furnace and do any necessary repairs as soon as possible. That way, you don't have to worry or deal with it breaking down when you really need it.

Get your restaurant ready for winter by transitioning your outdoor eating space for the colder months and by making sure that you can keep your guests warm and your food safe no matter what is happening outside. Start implementing the suggestions above today. 

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