Enjoy Your Next Pizza without Dietary Guilt

Posted on: 28 May 2015

Pizza sometimes gets placed into the category of fast food or junk food. This may be one reason why you do not eat pizza regularly. The truth is that you can enjoy pizza, and it does not have to be an unhealthy indulgence.

Know Your Health Risks

If you are a person who has gluten allergies, you can avoid allergy flare-ups by choosing a pizza restaurant that offers gluten-free pizza crust options. If you have a health problem such as obesity or heart disease, opt for pizza selections that have more veggies than meat. If you must have meat on your pizza, a low-fat meat option such as chicken could be a substitute for sausage or beef.

Eating Healthy vs. Hefty

Start off your pizza dinner without the expectation of getting full off of pizza alone. Include salad as a healthy addition to your meal. Opting for fruit after your dinner is another good idea. These can aid you to getting healthy varied options as well as getting full.

Forgo sodas and beer when possible. These have a high sugar and calorie content, which may contribute to weight gain. Flavored water and juice are healthier alternatives, and both pair well with pizza dinners. If you must have beer or soda with your pizza, consume them in moderation. A good rule to follow is not more than 1 of these drinks per hour, and not more than 2 in a day. When you reach this limit, opt for the alternatives.

Less Is Best

Do not opt for extra cheese and other toppings that have higher fat content. Consider requesting more tomato-based sauce if you are a person who likes more flavor in your pizza. The pizza restaurant you choose may also have marinara sauce on-hand for you to use to dip your pizza slices in. This is a special sauce that has a tomato base. Tomatoes have many health benefits such as promoting healthy skin and lowering glucose

Know Your Pizza

The pizzas that you buy from grocery stores in the frozen section are likely to have more fat, sodium, and calories. Frozen pizzas will also likely have have preservatives added to them to ensure their shelf-life and freshness.

Final Thoughts

If you are concerned about having a healthy pizza, ordering from a restaurant like South Lanes Pizza is the best option. This is the best method of ensuring that you know what is in your pizza, and you can enjoy your meal without guilt.