Abracadabra: Getting the Best Magician to Magically Appear at Your Event or Party

Posted on: 10 April 2015

If you are planning to hire some live entertainment for an upcoming party or event, consider treating your guests to a great magic act. Hiring a magician isn't all that different than hiring any other types of entertainment, such as a band or a performer, but there are a couple of distinctions that can make or break your function.

Six things to remember when hiring a magician event include:

No certification required.

A magician is not required to have any special certifications or degrees, so it may be difficult to know if the person you are looking to hire is any good. Ask the individual if they belong to any groups or organizations related to their art, which may shed some light as to how long they have been performing.

Ask for video footage.

It is not uncommon to request a video clip of the magician performing, and this is really the only way to determine if they are what you are looking for. Usually, magicians will have footage online that can be viewed by potential clients; if they don't, keep looking for a different performer.

Check out customer reviews.

Take time to review customer feedback and view any testimonials that might be online before booking your magician. While it is not uncommon to find one or two less-rave reviews for any business, a pattern of poor feedback may be an indication that this is not the magician to hire for your event.

Is the venue equipped for the act?

If you already have the venue booked for your party or event, be sure to convey the details of the space to the potential performer. Some acts simply won't work in some arenas, and you don't want your magician showing up with equipment and acts that the venue won't accommodate. Some magicians may ask to see the party venue prior to your event to tailor their act to the space.

Confirm that act is age-appropriate.

Don't assume that all magic acts are G-rated. There are, in fact, many magicians that perform a more mature act, which would not be appropriate for a child's birthday party, for example. Again, the best way to find this information may be through watching footage and video clips of previous performances before making hiring decisions.

Get it in writing.

It is never wise to hire a performer, including a magician, without a contract. The prudence of this increases when you are hosting a larger event, and it provides a sense of security that you will get what you paid for.

Don't run the risk of hiring the wrong magician for your distinct event or party. Entertainment agencies like Water Front Bar And Grill and talent groups are often the safest route for those looking for dependable, quality performers, including magicians, and these businesses typically offer professionalism, convenience, and a contract.